5 productive crypt-related activities you can do during quarantine


With times of pandemic by the coronavirus that have forced almost the entire population to be confined to their homes as preventive measures to contain the progression of the disease, time is spare, and to avoid leisure we bring you some productive activities that you can do related to cryptomontages.

Because it is a technology still in its early stage of adoption, the vast majority of users lack a solid knowledge of cryptomontages, how they work and especially of the underlying technology such as the block chain.

To avoid this lack of knowledge, there is nothing better than using some self-learning resources on the Internet to learn more about Blockchain technology and crypts in general. From videos on platforms like YouTube from some influencers to free webinars are the order of the day to strengthen their knowledge, depending on their level of learning about the ecosystem.

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Add to that listening to some podcasts related to cryptomontages. According to a publication reviewed in exscudo, some good examples of this genre are Unchained by Laura Shin, What lose its 1:1 dollar parity – terms and conditions – february 27, 2020 – array of potential solutions – shut down after six years Did by Peter McCormack, The Crypto Street Podcast, among others.

You can also interact with our section of Crytopedia „Explained“ to learn more about the technology of the main cryptomontages and how they work, as well as a brief review by our glossary of terms with the respective tag on the keyword of the subject to be addressed.

Join a community

Honoring the beginning of Bitcoin’s history and cryptomontages in general, the first knowledge about the technology was reflected in specialized forums about crypts such as Bitcointalk, and recently those specialized forums have moved to other networks such as Reddit, Quora and Cryptocurrencytalk.

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On Bitcointalk, the forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, it’s still possible to see a lot of content related to crypts, even in the early stages of Bitcoin. The forum has over a million members and a large set of sub-forums on almost all past and present cryptology projects.

Reddit has become one of the most active and numerous cipher communities in recent years. The subreddit r/Cryptocurrency alone has over one million users and has recently implemented the use of native cryptomonies in Ethereum to reward its members.

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